please help me set up my email before i throw my computer

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02-01-2007 17:48:07

this is pissing me off so much right now, i'm very stressed about all sorts of shit and this is just putting me over the limit!

I'm trying to set up my email address in outlook and it isn't working, i have no idea what I could be doing wrong, i've changed everything that could possibly be changed that i can find and it still isn't working out! I'm going to through my mouse at my tv and my keyboard at my monitor if I don't get this working soon!

Any Ideas for what i'm doing wrong?

It is a POP3 email, what could I be doing wrong to get errors like this...

"The connection to the server has failed. Account '', Server '', Protocol POP3, Port 110, Secure(SSL) No, Socket Error 10060, Error Number 0x800CCC0E"

+K for help, GRRRRRRRRR i'm going to lay down, thanks for help


02-01-2007 17:51:46

What are you trying to configure cox with? Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.?


02-01-2007 18:12:41

Because you live in Kansas, your server settings are as follows

[b56102b5612]POP Server[/b56102b5612]
[b56102b5612]SMTP Server [/b56102b5612]
[b56102b5612]News Server[/b56102b5612]

Read this http//

And read this http//

Enter that info in Outlook, for the POP3 mail server, and that should be great.

Incoming should be [b56102b5612][/b56102b5612]
Outgoing should be [b56102b5612][/b56102b5612]

http/" alt=""/"413/2306/oeou0.jpg[" alt=""/img56102b5612]

I made that image above for you so you can see how it should be configured.

[quote56102b5612="Daggoth"]What are you trying to configure cox with? Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.?[/quote56102b5612]
He said Outlook in his post, by the way. You probably missed it.



02-01-2007 19:38:30

Thanks a ton! I tried but didn't put the pop in front of it...

Thanks for the help ) +K given )