Album Art Not Appearing On iPod Photo

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01-01-2007 16:15:13

I actually noticed this awhile ago, but thought it was just an issue of art being missing. However, it's all there in iTunes. I just can't get it to appear on the iPod on its own. (Yeah, it's checked to display)

I have a 60GB iPod Photo, and iTunes 7. I also didn't experience this in iTunes 6, but I don't remember if the problem started right after getting 7, or later. Additionally, I add art manually, not via the store. (Most of my recent image additions are of stuff not available from the store anyhow)

I'd like to avoid a restore, since my files are backed up across 2 PCs and discs now. (Short of the iPod)

Any ideas?


02-01-2007 13:17:55

A whole lot of help, you lot are. ;)


02-01-2007 15:43:32

I can't say for sure but this probably has to do with the new 'add cover art automatically' function in itunes 7. I think it screwed up some of my covers too when I enabled it.

Is it enabled? Why not try it both ways (enabled and disabled) and re-add some album art to see if this changes anything?


02-01-2007 16:12:13

Knowing Tholek, he's probably already tried it both ways. wink


02-01-2007 20:11:44


Anyhow, I don't have it enabled. In retrospect, I should have said that earlier, since I can't retrieve art from the store without an account. (Not sure if it was always that way, but it's a moot issue now)

Added more art, but it still doesn't show. (