Which monitor is the best for PS3

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31-12-2006 10:40:38

Which of these monitors if any do you think is the best for the PS3. I dont know much about monitors, Im just wondering if either is 1080p.

Samsung 225BW
Samsung 204B
Dell 1907FPV
Dell 2007fpw
Sony XBrite HS95P
Acer AL2016W
$250 Paypal

Im in the process of complete yourfreeflatscreens I could also take the $250 and put it towards something else. I got a $125 gift certificate from www.futureshop.ca

I may combine to money and get a decent 26" TV. I wouldnt mind useing the gift certificate on some other things though if these monitors mentioned are any good.


31-12-2006 11:06:04

I don't believe monitors have set definitions like TV's do. But, I'm thinking that it's quite possible that the 2007FPW (if that's the 24'') is capable of displaying the resolution that TV's title as "1080p" but I'm not sure, so of course David will be here to save the day in due time.

Also, none of these monitors since they are for computers will have HDMI which is the method of connecting a PS3 to a TV for the highest quality high definition signal. As said earlier, that 2007FPW has a component port, so you could probably use that just fine - just not as high quality, I don't think.

I'm not 100% clear on all that, but David will touch it up. Also, if I were you I would take the cash and just save up for a 26''32-'' LCD TV with HDMI if you just want it for PS3/TV as opposed to a computer monitor.


31-12-2006 14:10:13

I do not think any of those will be the 'best' for a ps3. I assume 'best' would entail a HDMI/DVI connection, and that requires the monitor to be compliant with the copy protection currently in use, known as HDCP.

As of right now, there are only a handful of HDCP-enabled monitors on the market, and I don't believe any are in your price range.

Your best it is probably to look at more of a television (versus computer) oriented display.