HDTV Ratings

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29-12-2006 21:37:18

I am making this thread so we can get a general idea of people's experiences with different HDTV's. If I could please get a sticky for this topic, that would be great.

Things to include in your post would be
-Type of TV (Brand, LCD or Plasma, size, etc.)
-Resolution (720p, 1080i, etc.)
-Are you happy with it
-How long have you've had it
-Have you had any problems with it
-Anything else that's helpful


29-12-2006 21:51:56

No sticky.

- 42" Samsung DLP (HL-R4266W)
- 720p/1080i
- $1,300
- Yes
- Close to 2 years
- No issues

http//akimages.crossmediaservices.com/dyn_li/[" alt=""/imgbbba40a993]


29-12-2006 22:12:22

Astar 27" LCD
From a freebie site, price varies.
Happy since I got it for free. Wouldn't buy it.
Had it 4 months
In HDTV mode, the screen will occasionally go blank for no reason. Seems like when the screen is suppose to flash or something. Also it doesn't have HDMI.

I'd give it a 6/10.


29-12-2006 22:39:58

Syntax-Brillian Olevia 32 Inch LCD TV (332H)
720p, 1080i
Very Very Happy
Had it for a little over a month
No problems at all
Great, tons of inputs, very easy to use, awesome TV, great price as well

http//image.compusa.com/prodimages/15/8a44eb7c-b136-4087-b624-73e5c2239234.gif[" alt=""/imge0f056bdfc]


30-12-2006 05:49:11



30-12-2006 07:52:09

Well, I figured I've posted more than enough about my own HT equipment, but if you insist... ;)

http//www.morrisonline.us/pics/ht" alt=""/img_2389tn.JPG[/imgc8d2afa6db]
[listc8d2afa6db][lic8d2afa6db]Sony KDSR60XBR1 60" SXRD HDTV
[lic8d2afa6db]$5000 w/ matching stand
[lic8d2afa6db]Extremely happy with it -- best TV image quality I've ever seen
[lic8d2afa6db]11 months
[lic8d2afa6db]No problems at all
[lic8d2afa6db]Click for more pictures (pardon the poor camera flash work, and I now have a Charter MOXI instead of the DirecTivo, plus an XBox360)[/listuc8d2afa6db]
[img="c8d2afa6db]http//www.morrisonline.us/pics/ht" alt=""/img_3078tn.JPG[/imgc8d2afa6db]
[listc8d2afa6db][lic8d2afa6db]Panasonic TH-42PWD8UK 42" EDTV Plasma Display
[lic8d2afa6db]Free (I-Deal Prize)
[lic8d2afa6db]It's great as a bedroom wall-mounted TV, not that great as a primary HT display (especially compared to the SXRD)
[lic8d2afa6db]5-6 months
[lic8d2afa6db]No problems[/listuc8d2afa6db]


30-12-2006 20:07:11

$5000 wow, but that thing is awesome. Did you get it from a place like Circuit City or Best Buy or somewhere else?


30-12-2006 20:09:17

[quotefe50a7a05a="petezahut2"]$5000 wow, but that thing is awesome. Did you get it from a place like Circuit City or Best Buy or somewhere else?[/quotefe50a7a05a]
Ordered it from Crutchfield. I get most all of my big-ticket electronics from them. Sales tax on $5000 would have been almost $500 at my nearest Best Buy/Circuit City. No tax, no shipping from Crutchfield. )


30-12-2006 20:18:24

I love SXRDs. One of the sony reps told me that they are having a problem with green moss growing on one of the lcd chips making the picture tint green and that was the problem with the one we had on display at the place I worked at that sold them.


30-12-2006 20:45:53

Green moss? As in, [iac27458587]literal[/iac27458587] moss? shock

I've heard a few reports of green tint. That's actually common on startup as the set warms up, but I've never seen it after about 15-20 minutes of being on. Actually it's more of a green "blob" in the center of the screen, that fades in a few minutes.

A couple weeks ago I thought I was going to have to call in a warranty call on my, because the whole picture would suddenly shift to this sickly green color after while. I thought "great, here's that green problem I read about" -- but it turned out just to be a loose HDMI cable at the AV receiver. liwhewli Those cables are heavy and the HDMI connector has virtually no surface area friction to hold it in -- one of my complaints about the HDMI design. But at least now the picture is again flawless as ever. I wonder how many of the "green" reports were do to faulty connections, now that I think about it.