any advice on home theatre?

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27-12-2006 10:53:55

so i am reading a lot online but a lot of sites have buying guides/info that is not update. curious if anyone has experience in this area.
i want to get a receiver with hdmi switching since i will have a ps3 and hd dvr on the same tv. the 360 will connect via component cables.
anyone have any advice or know of good sites?
i will continue to look myself of course
not looking to spend a lot, definitely not more than $600 total on everything


27-12-2006 15:54:10

All of these AV receivers from Crutchfield[=http//]these AV receivers from Crutchfield offer HDMI switching. Not all do upconversion, however -- only the more expensive receivers do upconversion.

Of the lower-end, budget lines, I'd probably recommend Onkyo over Sony. The higher-end Sony ES line is quite nice, but if I'm paying that much more then I'd probably rather have a Yamaha, Denon, or H/K. I'm partial to Yamaha myself -- I love my RX-V2600.


27-12-2006 17:20:44

thanks, know of any all in ones that are a good deal / bang for buck?