Sync music and manually add movies.

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26-12-2006 20:40:59

itunes is just too weird. So I'm trying to have my ipod sync with my library's music but still let me manually add movies. I'm using the latest version of itunes with the tabs and all. I checked to sync only checked items and checked sync music and I have sync movies unchecked. Now it syncs my music, but when I try to add movies to my ipod, it doesn't let me. They will just import into the library (still won't let me transfer from library to ipod). So is it possible to sync music and not movies? I am able to sync photos and not music and movies. This should be a simple thing to do, but I can't seem to get the settings to work. Has anyone accomplished this? Please share. oops

[b263b4a6cf4]EDIT PROBLEM SOLVED BY REINSTALLING ITUNES. D[/size263b4a6cf4][/b263b4a6cf4]

( But when I reconnect my ipod, all the movies disappear.


28-12-2006 13:33:01

iTunes is awful. I use Anapod, which is SLIGHTLY better, but not much.

One would think with the popularity of the iPod, there would be at least one decent program to interact with it...


28-12-2006 18:38:13

For the record, this is the solution (if you can call it that) I got on the apple support forum.

[quote7a687878aa]I see what you are saying, but as of now, it looks like you can only manually manage everything or automatically update everything. You can't mix and match.

I'd tell Apple you'd like this feature...

There is a workaround though. Try it with a with a video you can easily replace though. (And know it is always good to have a backup of the videos only on your iPod as wiping your iPod is a common troubleshooting step should anything go wrong).

Put the video onto the iPod. Once it is, disconnect your iPod and make sure it works.

Now go into iTunes and right click the video you just transfered and go to show file. Drag that file to the Recycle Bin. Now try to play the video in iTunes. An ! should appear next to it. That's okay. Now update your iPod. The video should stay on the iPod even though it is not on your computer (as long as the name remains in iTunes).

If this works as advertised (;D), you can go ahead and do this. A couple of reminders though...
1) Make sure the videos are on the iPod first and work on the iPod before you delete any files.
2) Make sure you have backup up any videos you can't replace in case something happens to your iPod.[/quote7a687878aa]

It works, but now I have a bunch of movies that can't be played crowding up my library.