For $700.00 Bucks, is this HDTV worth the money?

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23-12-2006 12:02:22


Or is this a better deal?


I tried to order the Olexia but my gift card wasn't accepted so I gotta new one.

I gotta friend at best who can probably get me the HP for a little over 600 with his discount.

So which one should I get?


24-12-2006 13:20:53

The 42 inch is a better deal, but consider the old phrase, "you get what you pay for." These tv's won't be good and just their very look sucks. This is the tv freeincentives is shipping me


It isn't toally expensive but it is worth it. Good brand, nice looks. superb picture quality, and of course a pretty solid price. Consider saving up just slightly more $$. Because those tv's aren't worth it in the long run.


26-12-2006 07:51:18