eBay support?

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19-12-2006 10:24:59

I need to get in contact with eBay by phone... four of my PS3 listings were removed yesterday, making it impossible for me to ship them to addresses before Christmas. To make matters worse, I don't even know why they were removed.

Man I am fucked.


19-12-2006 10:59:52

Try this one
800‑322‑9266 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.

Got it from gethuman.com

Also try ebay live chat.

They might've seen your buildup of ebay feedback feedback using gmail invites and then the subsequent listing of 4 expensive items as suspect. I really wouldn't be surprised if some jackass here reported you.


19-12-2006 11:02:17

Huh, I hadn't thought of that. Bah!

Anyway, thanks for the phone number. Do you know who I'll be talking to (what department)?


19-12-2006 11:12:47

I was just told they don't do answer questions about item removal over the phone. Thanks for that number anyway!

...If anyone here happens to work at eBay, please PM me.


19-12-2006 11:40:22

That's crap. Ebay support really sucks but you knew that.

Did you try live chat?


19-12-2006 12:44:43

[quoteeb7acc0952="hehehhehe"]That's crap. Ebay support really sucks but you knew that.

Did you try live chat?[/quoteeb7acc0952]
ya, live chat is a good idea. they normally are good help.


19-12-2006 15:46:02

I haven't tried it yet; I couldn't find the link?


19-12-2006 15:51:43


I think...


19-12-2006 16:20:17

[quotebc14f8d091="ilanbg"]I haven't tried it yet; I couldn't find the link?[/quotebc14f8d091]
Check on the main page of ebay. Look to the far right of the search bar, and there's the link.