Tough one: Add/remove progs in "New" menu when rig

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Dr. Doom

17-12-2006 21:21:33

I had limited space in the title, so I'll say it a little more clearly Does anyone know how to add/remove programs that appear in the "New" menu when you right-click on the desktop or inside a folder in Windows XP?

This is a really tough one (I think). I've worked as a computer tech for years, yet I can't seem to figure out the answer to this one or find anything useful on Google.

My particular problem is that I can no longer use the "New" menu to create a Text Document (Notepad or ".txt"url==http://=http:///url file). Notepad.exe still works and all, but it's a hassle to look it up every time when I'm so used to right-clicking to access it.

I've found a registry-editing program that can remove programs from the list (successfully). The weird thing is the program still shows the ".txt"url==http://=http:///url extension, but it does not pop-up when I right-click.

I'm sure it's something I need to do in the registry, I just can't find where to do it.

Dr. Doom

17-12-2006 21:24:31

I just wanted to add that I have found tons and tons of Google results that show how to add things to the "Send To" menu and how to add things to the "Open With" list (both of which I know how to do already).

What I'm looking for is to add a program to the "New" menu when you right-click inside a folder or on the desktop in Windows XP.


18-12-2006 02:01:29

DMorris should be on soon... if you stump him on this, i'll send you a dollar!

Dr. Doom

20-12-2006 20:24:53

I've exhaustively searched for an answer to this, but nothing so far. I've even downloaded a program that lets you add and remove programs to the so-called "New Menu." All I've succeeded in doing is reducing my New Menu to only three items, with no "Text Document" in sight. (


21-12-2006 14:10:55

I'll try to find an answer. I know it can be done...


21-12-2006 14:43:18

I know the NEW menu items are stored here


Not 100% sure, but I think these work with for instance, I have Microsoft Office Publisher Document as one of my listings in the "NEW" menu.


has command key for shell\NEW which does the action, I believe...

But i'm not sure exactly how you would go about creating your own...Don't recall if XP Powertoys had that feature or not.