Looking for an HDTV, but Plasma/LCD?

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17-12-2006 10:55:30

Well, after getting all the "next generation systems" I figure I might as well bump up my television to match the systems. Kinda looks awkward seeing a Wii, 360, and PS3 and then a TV from the 90's.

Right now I have a really nice Oak entertainment center that fits up to a 32" TV so thats as big as I could go without having to get rid of my stuff. What i'm looking for is some suggestions on if I should go Plasma or LCD. My budget is no more than $1500, preferrably much less due to college (alcohol is expensive ya know?).

The TV will be mainly used for gaming and movies.

Any advice is appreciated.


19-12-2006 14:22:18

Anyone care to give me some advice on TV's )


19-12-2006 14:35:04