Suddenly i have an extra 2GB freed up on my hd.... how?

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14-12-2006 05:21:23

I was using my computer last night to finish up a paper. About an hour before i turned it off i happened to right click on the C drive in my computer and check properties bc i was curious how much free space i have.

This morning i checked again (i dont know why) and i have an extra 2GB than i did last night.

No, i did not mistakingly read it last night. When i close FF it clears the history. So that isnt it (not that that would even account for that much space). The only thing that i can even think of is i let AVG run a full scan last night. I havent done that i a while... lately i hit "Cancel." Bad, i know.

My question is, i[b66cb0c291d]s there any way for me to see what my computer deleted or did[/b66cb0c291d]? I'm certain there has to be a log somewhere.


14-12-2006 08:38:04

You could go into system restore and check if any programs were uninstalled yesterday and today. Not sure if that will work, but I don't see anyone else answering.


14-12-2006 09:54:42

Thanks for the response Killer.

System restore is giving me the to restore my comp to how it was at a previous date (which i do not want to do)

Cant i look it up in a log of dll file?


14-12-2006 11:49:32

Can running processes take up your memory?


14-12-2006 16:10:00

Sometimes system restore shows programs that were installed and uninstalled on the calender. ER has a point though, your computer could have been using some of your C drives memory as virtual memory.


15-12-2006 17:26:40

I might be shooting in the dark, but if you don't have a ton of memory on your machine it is possible that you were forcing it to be written to your hdd. So then when you shut down, it was no longer needing to be cached on your drive so it just clears it....

I find it hard to believe you filled up 2 gb of virtual memory however....