Dell Dimensions 4700 Boot Problems

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13-12-2006 18:51:40

Hey guys, a friend of mine has a Dell Dimensions 4700 and up until just recently he hasn't been able to boot it.

All connections are correct, but when he presses the power button, it just lights up and starts blinking. Nothing appears on the monitor and I do not beleive there is the sound of a fan.

Any ideas whatsoever?

Maybe it is as simple as a connection in the wrong place or something like that?

+Karma, thx!


13-12-2006 19:53:08

T-T-T-ech yourself to the other forum!


14-12-2006 05:53:58

Have you checked the ABCD lights on the back? Those are usually good indicators of what the problem is.


14-12-2006 17:01:42

Nope, what do they look like?