Ipod sound only comes out of one speaker sometimes

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13-12-2006 14:25:16

The sound on my 30gb ipod video only comes out of one speaker in my car sometimes. It is wired in with a RCA cable. If I move the cable around near the headphone jack of my ipod it will switch from one speaker to both and crackle. I tried it with a different ipod and it works fine, so I know it's not the wire. Does anyone have any sugguestions on what to do?


13-12-2006 14:32:34

One of two things Either it's the headphone jack of the ipod going bad, or the cable isn't seated all the way in the jack when you're having the problem (like if you have a bulky skin installed). This used to happen frequently with Walkmans. I'm not sure if there are any way to fix the problem if it's a headphone jack issue.


13-12-2006 19:36:30

it could be how your song is encoded. i have some old songs i downloaded that are in mono for some reason so make sure the songs are in stereo


13-12-2006 20:46:19

I'm guessing it's the headphone jack. My black 30gb with no skins or anything used to work but yesterday it started to make the noise whenever it's not held just right. I tried with my bros 30gb white ipod and it worked fine.. I don't know what i'm going to do but i'm pretty mad.


14-12-2006 19:05:02

take it to the apple store, same thing happened to me, had to pay 39 dollars for a replacement


14-12-2006 19:23:17

well the closest apple store is 39 minutes away according to google maps.. and was your ipod under warranty still? Did you buy it from there?