Difference between AMD Turion and Intel Centrino

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12-12-2006 18:08:57


Which is better. In august the guy who sold me my laptop said not to get Intel because they wont be compatible with the new Windows. Is that Vista? Now I got one for a gift and its Intel Centrino. Am I fine?

Should I have them open it or should I get one with AMD.

Here is the one they have.



12-12-2006 18:20:15

[quotedbd80f8119] Microsoft Vista™ Premium ready This notebook is capable of running Microsoft Vista and is ready for the Vista Premium operating system, the next generation of Microsoft Windows.[/quotedbd80f8119]

Maybe before the intel processor before the core 2 duo wasnt capable but this one is


12-12-2006 19:16:52

Won't be compatible??? LOL, that's rich. lol

Total BS. Sorry, but the folks working at most stores selling computer stuff (especially at BestBuy, CircuitCity, OfficeDepot, etc.) are, for the most part and with rare exception, quite clueless when it comes this stuff.

Turion is a mobile version of the Athlon64. Centrino is Intel's last-gen mobile CPU/chipset. I'd probably take a Turion over a similarly spec'ed Centrino, but would take a Core 2 over either.


[quote623bc8feba="Vista Minimum Supported System Requirements"][b623bc8feba]Processor[/b623bc8feba]
800 MHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor[/quote623bc8feba]

So you could technically run Vista on an 800Mhz Pentium III. The lowest Centrino is state of the art by comparison. )


12-12-2006 19:27:33

Ok thanks David!


12-12-2006 19:51:12

You're welcome?


12-12-2006 20:08:04


I meant a ! not a ?

When I saw your responce I just lol'ed


12-12-2006 20:57:01

I wouldn't recommend getting Vista till at least Service Pack 1 comes out.