windows vista questions..

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11-12-2006 18:41:17

so now that it has inevitably been leaked on the internet..i have a few questions

is version 6000 the one that will be hitting stores this january?

what is the difference between 32 and 64 bit on vista?

how come some sites say vista requires 15gb of space, some say 40gb?

what product of vista would you recommend? for simple home use (games internet msn)?

i'm quite clueless...someone fill me in? oops


12-12-2006 00:39:49

I'm 99% sure 6000 is the RTM (retail version)

Um, not really a quick answer. 64-bit is faster if you have 64-bit CPU, software, and drivers. Right now I'd stay away, I hear its buggy.

You need a 20GB drive with at least 15GB free. I've never seen 40GB but maybe thats for Ultimate Edition. http//

You could get away with Home Basic but there isn't really a point in upgrading unless you go with Home Premium or better. Ultimate seems like a gimmick...