ps3 modchips???

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09-12-2006 11:56:10

how long do you think it will be until someone is able to develop a successfull modchip for the ps3? or will it not happen? just curious because ps3 games are $60.00!!!!!!!


09-12-2006 15:25:12

isn't that only $10 more than games have costed the last 5 years?


10-12-2006 08:09:37

I'd say probably a year, before they find a way to play backups.


10-12-2006 09:05:05

how long did it take for the 360?


11-12-2006 09:43:33

I'm not sure when people starting flashing their LEAST a few months after launch I think...


12-12-2006 07:07:10

[quote2c33b62078="Crymson"]I'm not sure when people starting flashing their LEAST a few months after launch I think...[/quote2c33b62078]

True but now where talking about a $600 system compared to a $400 system. Some people may be abit scared to F with a system of such value


12-12-2006 18:35:07

People all said the xbox wouldn't be broken when it first game out 5 years ago, and we've all seen modded boxes all over the place....The 360 was surely meant to be even harder to mod (although it apparently went down way quicker), and the ps3 will get knocked off too....Too many smart ppl w/ something to gain....

The only problem is that if many ps3 games are over 8.5 GB in size b/c then you'll need a blueray burner to burn backups.


14-12-2006 13:25:55

how much do bluray burners cost? and teh disks?


14-12-2006 13:41:14

Burner $1,000
Per Disk $21 - $30


14-12-2006 13:56:15

Or you could just pay the $60 for a video game.


14-12-2006 13:57:14

cant you save games on the ps3??


14-12-2006 14:19:22

yeah, i thought you wud be able to rip the games to the ps3 hardrive. how big are the games anyways?


14-12-2006 14:56:42

i dunno, but if you can, im just going buy a huge harddrive, and save them on the ps3.


14-12-2006 15:36:33

A Blu-Ray disc can actually hold up to 75GB in a triple-layer format. 25GB per layer. Not that there are any games yet that come close to filling a single layer, but supposedly they will eventually. When that happens you won't be ripping a large number of games to the HD.

BTW, BR burners for PC's can be had for around $600 now.


14-12-2006 15:53:43

Could you burn multiple games to one BR disc?


14-12-2006 19:57:06

Could you burn multiple games to one BR disc?[/quote36ff7d6019]
I suppose, it just depends on how the game is designed to run from the disc I guess. I haven't looked into any Blu-Ray software formats yet, so I don't know specifics of the format the PS3 requires for a game to play.