Anything that is really bad on an LCD?

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07-12-2006 23:26:59

If I'd set my background on my 20" LCD to just plain white to give myself more light on my bed to do homework while my roommate was sleeping would this be bad on the monitor?

What things can you do to permanently hurt a LCD?


08-12-2006 04:51:37

It should be fine. LCD's typically don't suffer any sort of permanent image retention, although they will often show a temporary "burn in" effect.

Just turn it away from your roommate -- I would imagine a 20" LCD on a bright white background in a dark room would be like looking into the sun... )


08-12-2006 14:06:58

thanks, and yup, it works like a charm, my roomate has been pissing me off latelly though so i might just turn the regular light on shrug