Double exposure effect for imovie hd?

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06-12-2006 17:42:30

I'm trying to make a movie with two of me in the scene at once. I'm making the short film on my macbook with iMovie HD. Is this possible?


06-12-2006 20:35:54

I think for one of the shots you'd need to either be on a green screen or have the camera on a tripod with no motion, and then cut the screen in half inbetween you and crop the two togather, otherwise yourself would be transparent on one side...

Not for sure about any of this just throwing out thoughts...


07-12-2006 00:47:09

if the two of you are on different parts of the sceen and not like moving around each other back and forth and such you just record each part with the camera in the same position then find a way to crop one of videos in a way that both yous are onscreen. Does that make sense? take one video and take out the right 50% and have the second video fill in that portion.

that would work if you wanted to have like a converstion with yourself. Other stuff gets way harder

edit lol i didn't even read your post tjwor, same thing


07-12-2006 15:25:41

ok, thanks. that's kinda what i thought i would have to do. but is it possible to do this in imovie hd? if so, how can i do it? Thank again