ASCII art from images?

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06-12-2006 09:50:18

OK, here's what I need to do (by Monday!). I'd like to be able to take an image (black and white image) and convert it to an ascii image which has values of 0 or 1 for the black and the white. Doesn't actually have to be black/white, but I need to have two values only, one for the black and one for the white. This is for a presentation at work, just a silly fun thing I want to include.

Suggestions? I'm working in Linux, and I have the libaa1 library but I'm not sure where to go from there. I can get the image into any image format (bmp, gif, jpeg, etc).

Thanks for any help!


06-12-2006 09:57:25

Will this work?


I just Googled [=http//]Googled it and that's what I found. shrug


07-12-2006 22:02:07

Cool, yeah that does the trick. +karma