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03-12-2006 00:43:49

Big Edit Ok so I edited out my own question entirely because I managed to figure it out on my own. I am looking into the book more and more and have seen alot of GUI interface stuff. Basically now I want to convery my entire program to GUI Based.

I am just trying to mess around with it a bit now and figure out how BreezySwing Works.

Basically I am trying to just make a simple program to test with that displays buttons, and when I click on a button it opens up a new window with one of my programs. So far I have figured out how to make buttons, labels, etc. The trouble I am having is getting the program to open up a brand new window where I can enter new labels, doublefields, buttons, etc.


public class ConvertWithGUI extends GBFrame{

private JLabel titleLabel;

private JButton triangleButton;
private JButton numberButton;
private JButton helloButton;

private ConvertWithGUI(){

titleLabel = addLabel ("Math Helper Version 1.0" ,1,1,1,1);

numberButton = addButton ("The Perfect/Prime Number Program" ,3,1,1,1);
triangleButton = addButton ("The Triangle Program" ,0,1,2,1);


public void Hi(){

ConvertWithGUI theGUI = new ConvertWithGUI();

theGUI.setSize (400, 200);


theGUI.setTitle("The Perfect/Prime Number Program");
triangleButton = addButton ("Tfsdafsdaf" ,0,1,2,1);

helloButton = addButton ("HELLO" ,1,1,1,1);

public void buttonClicked (JButton buttonObj){
if (buttonObj == numberButton){




public static void main (String [] args){
ConvertWithGUI theGUI = new ConvertWithGUI();

theGUI.setSize (300, 200);


That is what I am testing out with. Basically when you run it, it opens up a window with two buttons. I want to make it so that when I click one of the buttons, they open Hi(); which opens/creates a completely new window with new buttons, labels, etc. that I instantiate. Right now, when you click on one of the buttons it opens a new window and resizes it, but I cant figure out how to clear/change the previous buttons from the previous window. Any help would be great.

Thank you.


03-12-2006 06:57:35

Yup. You gotta make classes and then call them.

public class blah{

Then you gotta have a keyboard class that recognizes characters. Which then you tell it what to do, and have the characters set to a variable, such as [if5a9b6894e]num[/if5a9b6894e].

System.out.println("Which do you want?");

if (num == 1){

etc. etc. ;)