I want a cheap, USB, bluetooth dongle...

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02-12-2006 20:08:56

Any recommendations of where to buy? Thanx!

unknown uchiha

02-12-2006 20:40:48

Hm I think I'd look up Froogle and eBay, or Newegg for stuff like this.


02-12-2006 21:15:36

You can find them cheapest at www.fifthunit.com


02-12-2006 21:38:52

[quote2eb13b4ced="Tholek"]You can find them cheapest at www.fifthunit.com[/quote2eb13b4ced]
I assume you've bought something from that site before? and you'd recommend it?


02-12-2006 22:02:18

No, I didn't say that, although I am expecting a shipment from them. ;)

Additionally, they are supposedly a revamp of AxShop, which I've also bought from in the past. (They were great)

That aside, I'm not saying those dongles are equal to name brands. They're just some of the cheapest around. (Some are USB 1.1 too) Some fifthunit stuff sells on Buy.com too, but for more.


02-12-2006 22:05:55

okay. they look pretty good, and I don't think i'll have a problem buying from them. thanx! +Karma