HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray: War of the formats

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30-11-2006 18:39:12

Which format do you think will end up coming out on top in the end? Last time Sony was in a format war, they lost (Betamax), so, what do you guys think?


30-11-2006 19:53:30

Don't Blurays put out 1080p while HD-DVDs only go up to 1080i? Obviously Bluray. Shit's HIGHER definition son.


30-11-2006 21:16:21

I think Blu Ray because of the deals they made with the movie business, but it might be a little ahead of it's time.

Still Star Wars in 1080p FTW!1!1! P


30-11-2006 21:42:51

Both support 1080p, from what I understand movies on both formats are encoded at 1080p already.

Currently, HD-DVD is going to have the edge for movies, while Blu-Ray will rule for data storage and games. This despite more movie studios getting behind BR. The quality of BR movies released so far have been a bit disappointing, however I'm sure that will improve. OTOH the official DVD consortium (the agency responsible for DVD standards, logos, etc.) has thrown its support behind HD-DVD from what I hear.

Yes, BR is technically superior on paper, but so was Betamax. HD has the market jump and more VC-1 titles, at cheaper prices that VC-1 BR discs. BR is more expensive to produce, but like anything else will get cheaper as time goes by, so I don't expect cost to be a factor for too long. BR can hold a lot more data -- 75GB across 3 layers vs 45GB across 3 layers for HD, but I don't even think 3 layer HD is out yet while 3 layer BR has already been announced IIRC. More capacity also benefits movies because movies could be encoded at higher bitrates, with lossless HD audio codecs.

If you're a videophile/gearhead, you're going to have both, it's as simple as that. That will be my approach -- I'll have a PS3 for my BR player, plus either a set-top or XBOX 360 HD-DVD player. Best of both worlds. )


30-11-2006 22:24:34

Even if blue-ray does not appeal to the customer, it will for companies. Most large companies store enermous amounts of data and backup data. The blue-ray is an easy way to store tons of easy, accessible information. In a company's shoes, hundreds of blue ray disks are much easier to use than many external hard drives, not to mention the discs do not take up much space.


01-12-2006 21:40:26

ya Blu-Ray all the way baby! hd-dvd don't have the storage of blu-ray, they just got the market jump, but here is safe bet! get a ps3 will play both! just have to mod it with linux and your all set! google it! but here is another wierd fact think it's just randomness that the xbox 360's hd drive's output won't work on select sony HDTV's? i just find it wierd...lol

unknown uchiha

01-12-2006 21:50:48

Don't forget Sony's other formats

MiniDisc (Inferior, though it's still nifty to have one BUT nobody would pick this over an iPod or MP3 player)
Memory Stick (Why? Why not just stick to SD?)
Memory Stick PRO (Okay why must you only support "PRO" on CERTAIN devices?)
Memory Stick Duo (Smaller...)
Memory Stick PRO Duo (Yay! PRO again!)
Memory Stick Micro (Do we REALLY need another?)
Memory Stick PRO Micro (I'm not sure if this exists...yet)
UMD (PSP-only format. So much for "universal")
AVC (Yeahhhh new MP4 format! As if we needed it...)
ACC (Yeah let's fit 500 songs on one CD, which takes hours to convert, then only plays on a SONY Walkman, and on top of that takes forever to browse through!)
AVCHD-DVD (Oh, this is Sony's "backup" which they claimed was there "in case Blu-Ray failed". Wow. So much for confidence in their own mainstream format huh)


01-12-2006 21:54:54

good piont....


01-12-2006 22:20:18

so will new movies keep coming out in those formats? Is it going to be HD-DVD and BlueRay instead of VHS and DVD now?


03-12-2006 00:57:30

there wasn't ever really a vhs vs dvd. Vhs is dead technology though I still own a small collection of vhs movies. Like other people said but you probably don't know about is the betamax vs vhs