Computer need's IEEE 1394 port.

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30-11-2006 09:44:46

OK, so im getting a camcorder for christmas, and my motherboard doesnt have a IEEE 1394 port, nor does it support it.

My question is, what can i do to have a IEEE 1394 port for my computer.

and im thinking of spending under $50 for whatever i need, either a new motherboard, or a USB to IEEE 1394 converter... no idea

any help?


30-11-2006 10:21:48

I would put in a 1394 (or firewire card.) Check out I bet they are pretty cheap (and easy to install.)


30-11-2006 12:33:02

Yes, just get a PCI Firewire card. They're cheap.


30-11-2006 20:53:47

allright, thanks guys