Paging home theater audiophiles!

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30-11-2006 09:18:16

So, I'm going to be picking up my new receiver tonight. In preparation, I've been looking at my equipment and figuring out what cables I will need to buy.

I'm going to need a Coaxial Digital Audio cable to connect my DVD audio to the receiver. In my googling, I read that a standard RCA cable will work just fine.


Is that true? Or should I just plunk down the cash for a cable labeled Coaxial Digital Audio?


30-11-2006 11:23:48

Thanks to Doylnea for the help! I ordered what I needed from Monoprice.

Also an advanced thanks to dmorris68, who would have told me to order from Monoprice ;)


30-11-2006 12:40:02

Yes, Monoprice is the shiznit. You should know that by now. P

But yes, to answer your question, a standard RCA audio or video cable will work. An RCA cable is a coax (single conductor) cable.

Standard RCA cables will also work in a pinch for component video cables, particularly for a short run and if the cables can withstand nearby interference. I once was setting up someone's TV and came up short a set of component cables. I scrounged up an old (but high quality) composite + stereo RCA cable set. That TV is still running HD with those cables to this day, now that I think about it. )