360 Backups

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29-11-2006 23:51:18

anyone ever try flashing their firmware to play backups? I just finally got around to doing it last night and here's the end result


anyone try it on theirs yet?

of course we only do this for backup purposes.


30-11-2006 00:17:38

anyone know when a backup chip is going to be available for the wii


30-11-2006 04:41:07

Yup I have had my 360 flashed since I got it. Woot love playing all my games fo free!! Otherwise there would be no way I can be playing Gears of wars, COD3, Splinter Cell, and Rainbow Six... WOOT


30-11-2006 05:57:27

i want to do it, but i dont know how and i am afraid of breaking my 360 (


30-11-2006 07:19:57

it kills xbox live I Assume?


30-11-2006 07:24:56

[quote9b45c5d871="downthesun"]i want to do it, but i dont know how and i am afraid of breaking my 360 ([/quote9b45c5d871]

Me too, but I just got my 360 and don't want to break it already.


30-11-2006 07:38:58

please post in the correct forum


30-11-2006 11:34:53

I've had mine flashed since I got it (from freepay), works great. It does NOT kill xbox live atm, however they released an update making it more difficult to hack certain DVD drive models and I'm sure an update doing more is on its way sometime. Flashing the FW is fairly easy if you have a Samsung drive (especially an old one like MS25), however I have heard stories of people bricking their drives... usually the cause is a bad floppy.

I've flashed mine 3x now, with no problems. I've gotten to the point where I can take the xbox360 apart in like 2 minutes wink


30-11-2006 11:43:02

Yeah it is super easy. I have done it a couple of times.


01-12-2006 22:01:08

ya it's easy there are numerous step by step walk throughs on the net...or there are some companies that will do it for you for cheap...like $80, but i did it myself after about 2 hours of readin....good luck


01-12-2006 22:18:24

can you upgrade the HDD in the 360 yet? Like add a 200-250GB one?