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29-11-2006 22:23:57

Okay, so i've finally decided to sign-up for a 3-day trial for usenet at I just want to try it out for 3 days and see what files I can get, speeds, etc. So I need to sign-up for, and I want to sign up for The minimum you can purchase is 8 units I think, which is 8 weeks. I just want to try it out for a few days. So if anyone has an account, can I just tell you the name of the file and can you get me the .nzburl==http://=http:///url file? I just need a couple of things. Please reply if you can help me. Thanks!


29-11-2006 22:33:20

please post in the correct forum.


29-11-2006 22:36:38

My credit just dried up on NewzBin, but you can try this one



30-11-2006 00:00:29

http// search and create NZBs. I use http// to search for the TV show I want to d/l...


30-11-2006 16:38:42

Wait, for the free ones, do they have complete files? Because I tried a free searching one once, and some files were not included because they were missing. Will these work?

And sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Thanks doylnea for moving it.