ATTN: Apple Bluetooth Mouse Users...

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29-11-2006 12:41:44

Well, after replacing my bluetooth mouse's batteries for about the 3rd time this month, I must have messed up something. The metal "slider" type thing on the inside of the battery cover has fallen off and I can't figure out how it clips back on. I've tried looking on Apple support as well as a few farfetched Google searches but it is quiet a strange need. I will give like +5 KMA if someone can take or find me a picture of the inside of the battery cover so I can figure how it clips on. Or even better, give me directions from your mouse. D



29-11-2006 19:23:45

Help much?


29-11-2006 19:25:24

penis goes in the vagina


29-11-2006 19:26:33

as Arnold would say "thanks for the tip"


30-11-2006 12:01:14

http//[" alt=""/img1962a6976e]


30-11-2006 12:54:36

Thanks, man. +KMA