PDA or pocketpc phones.....

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28-11-2006 16:40:14

1. What is the difference?
2. Which one do you prefer?
3. Which one is better for organization?
4. What's good for around 250 new that works with cingular?

thanks. D
I need something with email, internet, adobe pdf reader, bluetooth and basic organization. cry


28-11-2006 16:43:48

thanks for wasting space with your 37 hard returns. I'll move your thread to the correct forum too. (


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28-11-2006 19:54:39

1. I assume you're asking about the difference between a Windows Mobile PDA with phone capability, and a Windows Mobile Smartphone? Smartphone runs a more limited, compact version of WM, usually with touchscreen/stylus, and runs on a much weaker CPU usually. The PDA version runs a full-featured stylus version on beefier hardware. The actual phone functionality is pretty much the same, although you may get a few more features with the PDA phone.

2. I have the Cingular 8125. Had it almost a year, when they first came out. I had been holding out for a PDA phone and didn't like anything else out there until the 8125 was released.

3. If you intend to use it for more than just a simple phonebook, I'd recommend the full PDA version. And it has the benefit of being able to run ANY WM software, whereas software compatibility with Smartphone can be quite limited.

4. Again, Cingular 8125.