Need Suggestions for a new HDTV ~$900 to spend

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27-11-2006 00:01:52

Hi, I am looking for an HDTV, despite what my mother says... if she won't let me buy one, then free it shall be. D I will be receiving $840 from BonusGamer sometime in December, and would like to get a good tv instead, since I don't need money really. The only problem is, I see some TV's on and from BestBuy, but all the US versions of amazon and Bestbuy, so I don't know how to get it to Canada. Since I can't buy it locally, of course I will go in to a local store to check it out, then just get it online. Suggestions please. )

If the TV is good and I can get it to Canada I will do $999.99 D

I am looking at this one. http//


27-11-2006 05:46:01


27-11-2006 18:44:50


yep but hurry


27-11-2006 19:22:11

Shipping to Canada free?