My Digital Camera Broke- Repair or Upgrade?

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25-11-2006 11:16:18

My Exlim EX-Z50 5.0 MP 2.0" screen broke a while back while I was deep sea fishing in Japan. I sent it in for repair and it's $86.95 to repair it or a variety of costs to upgrade it. The best upgrade is the EX-Z850 8.1 MP 2.5" Screen for $146.00. My question is is it worth it?

EX-Z50 ( old one )

EX-Z850 ( new one )


25-11-2006 12:22:25

If you don't have any choice other than the two you've mentioned, then go for the upgrade. Here's[=http//]Here's a review for the Casio Exilim EX-Z850.


25-11-2006 12:53:48

Well I had the EX-Z50, which I can get repaired for $86.95. They also sent me this chart with recommended upgrades instead of the repair.

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25-11-2006 12:56:53



25-11-2006 21:23:51

Yeah, I would say upgrade, thats a pretty good price.


25-11-2006 23:24:16

If possible, I'd avoid Casio as a camera manufacturer.

You're best bet is to stay with the pro's such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fujifilm and Kodak. Their build quality, warranties, accessories and lense lineups make it worth the extra money you may have to pay for the camera itself.

When it comes to digital cameras, you don't want to substitute quantity (price) for quality.


26-11-2006 00:33:11

Too bad Casio doesn't let you upgrade to Another company's camera... I like the look of the z850 but picture quality is nothing to write home about


01-12-2006 22:13:43

i'v had almost every camera out we buy like 2 a month.....we have had the best luck with casio's, alot of our camera's get used by kids, and they have been very reliable....few broken screens here and there but i just buy the screens on ebay and replace it. takes about 5 minutes...i love casio as a digital camera, not tryin to dissagree with ya theysayjump, just my 2 cents....why you say upgrade they keep your old one and send you a new one or they just sell it to you? cause you can still get a good amount for it on ebay, alot of people will buy it to fix it.


01-12-2006 22:17:22

yea if I choose to upgrade they will keep my old one and just send me the upgrade. I'm guessing the upgrade will be new.