"No audio device"

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Getstuff4free Kyle

25-11-2006 01:45:54

I hate windows.

In my "sounds and audio devices properties" menu, I have "no audio devices" and everything is grayed out. I've googled all over looking for answers and I keep getting a bunch of the same things, none of which work. +karma to anyone who can help me

- the audio is working fine (I need to adjust some stuff in the advanced menus that I can't get to, which is why I need to fix this)
- the drivers are up to date
- I have not installed any new sound card, it's still the one it came with
- BIOS looks fine
- Windows audio is set to "automatic" in "services.msc"
- Keep in mind that I'm not much of a techie so you'll probably have to spell some things out for me