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23-11-2006 21:57:45

I don't know anything about RAM and I need advice. Will this work with my HP DV1000 laptop?


I saw another auction that had this stick of RAM in their computer but I wanted to make sure it fit. Also, any other links to better RAM would be great since this is used. +KMA to help.


23-11-2006 22:02:10

Use this to scan your system


It tells you want type of RAM you need. Then, just look for that type of RAM on ebay. (ie 184-PIN 2700)

You can find pretty much RAM on newegg, but I doubt you will find anything cheaper than $30.


23-11-2006 22:05:19


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23-11-2006 22:08:55

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23-11-2006 22:53:51

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