$500 plasma at Meijers

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23-11-2006 10:25:31

Original $1500... on-sale for $500 after rebate? Is it a good TV? Me and my buddy thinking about going picking up atleast one of these, might get a few and try and resell them to people.


23-11-2006 10:32:04

Here it is on Amazon



23-11-2006 10:40:22

[quote16b01b6397="JKirk"]Here it is on Amazon

Don't think that's the one, since the max resolutions are different.


23-11-2006 10:42:12

Hmm, that's the only model I can find that looks remotely similar. If that's the TV, here's the Cnet article on it



23-11-2006 10:45:03

Whoa, I might get that even though I don't really need it. What the hell is meijer lol.

( We're sorry, there are no Meijer Stores located within
100 miles of lilililili


23-11-2006 10:51:45

Is that TV even HD?


23-11-2006 11:30:08

No, the $500 plasma at Meijer's is an EDTV (480p) set. The one Killer linked to is an HDTV set.


23-11-2006 11:37:58

Then it's garbage. And I think you mean the link JKirk gave, I didn't link anything. ;)


23-11-2006 15:34:58

Meijer is a midwestern Wal-Mart.


23-11-2006 18:44:32

I don't know what Meijer is like out in Fort Wayne, but around here Wal-Mart is populated by nothing but white trash.


23-11-2006 18:53:07

[quote94a207c7e1="Fugger"]I don't know what Meijer is like out in Fort Wayne, but around here Wal-Mart is populated by nothing but white trash.[/quote94a207c7e1]

90% of the employees at our Wal-Mart are Phillipinos... I have only seen 3 people that work at Wal-Mart that aren't Phillipinos... and most of them are rude and treat anyone who isn't a Phillipino like shit... They won't greet you, they'll just take your item up, ring it and reach their hand out for the money... But once a Phillipino walks up to the register, they are cheerful and chatting away with them in Phillipino (or however the language is pronounced).