Need coding help for Wordpress

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21-11-2006 11:53:12

I have a personal website with Wordpress installed. I need a custom code written that will display a box with some user-entered (by me) text and icon graphics. It doesn't seem like it would be very hard, but then again I don't know these things that well.

Also, if you know how to create a static home page in WP (with a separate, dynamic blog page), please let me know.

Please post here if you can and would be willing to help. Thanks in advance.



21-11-2006 20:48:08

do you have a site link, and what do you mean by this "display box"? like, what do you want displayed, and where do you want to enter it from (like, the admin page, or just the home page?)


21-11-2006 23:06:36

Display box = like another sidebar. I want to output/display lines of text with tiny icon graphics (like a $ sign). I guess I don't really care where to enter the info, as long as it's secure and easy. I'll PM you with my site link.