FireFox crashing ARGHH

Live forum:


19-11-2006 20:01:43

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anyone know how to fix this? it keeps crashing my Firefox...

very annoying.


19-11-2006 20:05:59

Everyone knows IE is [i71f285fa3f]way[/i71f285fa3f] better than Firefox. Duh.


20-11-2006 01:58:14


Restart in safe mode, and remove the most recently installed addons or extensions until it's working correctly again. (The most likely culprit is a bad extension)


20-11-2006 02:01:12

Use opera

unknown uchiha

20-11-2006 02:51:42

Use a Mac.


20-11-2006 04:41:44

Firefox 2.0 kept doing that shit too me so I had to go back to using 1.5


20-11-2006 06:01:01

I've never had FF2 crash like that, although I have had it freeze once or twice and had to kill it, which is a known issue. I still prefer it to 1.5. I expect an update will arrive any day now to address any stability issues, but like Tholek said it could very well be an extension you've installed.