Where did all my HD space go?

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18-11-2006 12:11:31

I download torrents quite often on my iBook (40gb HD). I download a lot of DVDRs, but I save them to my 250gb external HD. However, I tried to download a couple different DVDs, and my INTERNAL HD is getting full!

I now only have ~140mb free of disk space on the primary HD, but I don't save any of my torrents that I download to the internal.

Where is all the HD space going? I tried to download another DVDR and it says the disk is full, but I told it to save to the external HD, which has over 85gb left on it.

Any idea on how to fix this would be nice.


18-11-2006 12:21:04

I am not sure because I do not know how familiar you are with computers so an easy problem could be fixed by saving the Temp folder on the external HDD. (You have to look if it is possible within the programm if not install the programm on the external HDD, it will create the Temp folder on the external drive then.)



18-11-2006 12:22:42

It's a Mac.


18-11-2006 13:08:38

[quote343b179719="tylerc"]It's a Mac.[/quote343b179719]

Theres your problem lol
Just kidding

Partition problems? I'd post your problem on this forum http//www.techsupportforum.com/hardware-support/hard-drive-support/

Might be more helpful.


18-11-2006 16:36:49

It could be your Temp files. They add up like crazy. Use this program and clean kill em all.



18-11-2006 20:05:57

If I assume correctly you use Azureus. It temporarily saved the "temp" shadow image, which is what I call it myself, in a specific folder under your specific username. I think you said you are using a mac, so my advice will only help you so much, since im operating under a windows environment.

C\Documents and Settings\Dennis.LAPTOP\Application Data\Azureus

Here you can find every torrent youve ever downloaded, and image files of everything youve ever downloaded (in my case anyway) . This folder can become extremely large.

You need to find and locate such folder, and empty its contents. Also run a disk cleanup under your OSX software, im not aware of what this program is called.

Hope it works out for you,


18-11-2006 22:11:36

I found a Disk Utility program that showed all the shit on my HD, including a hidden "Volumes" folder that had 3 DVDRs downloaded to it, even though I never had it saved there from Azureus. I cleared it all up though.


19-11-2006 00:11:37

told ya P