I need to make a .m3u file, help?

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16-11-2006 09:21:15

I thought this would be rediculously easy but my search is going on 10min+ so i turn to fipg. I'm on a mac and i'm trying to make an m3u file out of 12 mp3 files. Any help appriciated!


16-11-2006 09:35:05

if the m3u file is in the same folder as the mp3s can someone confirm that all i need to do is right a text file with the track names and slap a .m3u file extension on there?


16-11-2006 10:50:23

Make it in notepad ( don't know about mac? )



Notice how after EXTINF the number goes up from 0 every time a new song is placed.

I don't know if this is what you were looking for, but I just googled how to make m3u file and got this link



16-11-2006 11:14:46

coolness i figured it out . thx for help too


18-11-2006 19:44:07

[quote1998b8cd90="BD2006BD"]Make it in notepad ( don't know about mac? )[/quote1998b8cd90]
notepad is textedit in osx wink


21-11-2006 18:36:11

umm is m3u an ableton live thing? or what is it? sorry ive heard that before in one of my programs.. just cant remember