Xbox 360 Freezing again. WTF!!!

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16-11-2006 06:52:43

So about 3 weeks ago after not playing my 360 for about a month, i boot it up and get the 3 red rings.

I tried again and it booted up. I started playing Graw and 15 minutes in it froze. I tested a regular dvd and again 15 minutes in it froze. I cycled the on off button many times and either got rings or a freezing system so I went and replaced it at bestbuy yesterday.

Yesterday I was playing graw and the system froze 30 minutes in. Today the same things happened when playing multiplayer again. WTF is going on?? Could it be my hardrive??? I am using the old hardrive from my original .

Im not sure if this has any relation to the most recent update or not

Any ideas on what to do would be appriciated.

Also is there anyway to save certain game data and saves from the hardrive because i might wipe it


16-11-2006 07:02:29

you have the firmware modded?


16-11-2006 07:08:18

No, not at all.

Any help or troubleshooting tips would be great. I highly doubt its the brand new xbox thats the problem. Its gotta be something with the update on my hardrive or something like a botched save. Didnt dead rising cause peoples xboxs to freeze??

I could be totally wrong and it could be the box but i doubt it


16-11-2006 09:00:09

There's a 24-page long thread on this at Xbox forums


16-11-2006 16:39:31

Its 26 pages of the same problem with people. Apparently its the fall update. Could there eventually be a lawsuit? Similar to the PS2 disk error lawsuit...


16-11-2006 16:41:10

The same thing happened to mine and I had to send it in. My problem happened way before any updates and it was supposedly an internal error. Call Microsoft and tell them what's up and he will go through a series of basic tests. If it still doesn't work, they will send you a box so you can get it to them.


16-11-2006 18:03:40

Updates? Like when you put a new game that you never played in, and it says you need to update. Or Fall updates as in new systems?


19-11-2006 10:19:26

Its gotta be the update as my new system freezes everytime randomly.

Is there a new update availible or a way around this?

I really dont want to go and exchange a system at BB again.


19-11-2006 12:05:06

I'm pretty sure there isn't an update out yet to fix the problem. I know there was some problem with modded 360s, and they released newer hacked fws to fix it, but that won't help you obviously. I would just exchange it at BB if you can. Why don't you want to?


19-11-2006 12:08:56

wait we can go to Bestbuy and exchange our 360 if it isnt working properly?


19-11-2006 12:20:54

I have a 2 yr replacement plan.

I just hate driving there and back. Is like 30 minutes out of the way


19-11-2006 12:22:44

Argh my 360 keeps getting the dirty disk error.


I might have to send mine back again.