Is my tv broken?

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14-11-2006 20:03:17

I have a 52 inch Sony projection screen and just recently it would flash red then shut off. Its done this twice, anyone know whats going on or how to fix it?


18-11-2006 20:12:15

My knowledge on projection televisions is limited, but I'll tell you what I know in my case.

I've heard rumors, and have been under the impressions "older model" projection tv's have a short half-life with their projection bulbs.

Although the technology is still in production, compared to available LCD, Flat Panel, and Plasma televisions, projections in my book, are outdated. Also solely by "You cant see it right at certain angles".

If you have had this model for more than 3-4 Years, I would call the company, while waiting on the telephone for the next four hours, utilize google to do a search string for your specific model, and search for links revolving around "red screening" and or "burnouts".

If I had to tell you personally, I would think its a bulb issue, and your burning out, your television needs to be repaired.