Best Buy Product Replacement Plan???

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14-11-2006 12:46:49

I am fed up with Best Buy repair my laptop has messed up and needs to be sent out for a 4th time. According to the warranty this is the stage I am at [quote0aaa24a42e]
No Lemon Policy
If your product requires 4 qualifying repairs, we will provide a replacement of comparable performance. Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product. [/quote0aaa24a42e]
now has anyone been in this situation and knows what the general length of time it will take to do this. I already backed up all my data so a replacement is great. But when i called the all knowing Geek Squad they said they must send it off a 4th time and if they deem it replacable then they will replace it. Any comments?


14-11-2006 12:51:51

[quote8c3409c860="Stroid"]Any comments?[/quote8c3409c860]
Yeah, Best Buy FTL.


14-11-2006 13:22:24

[quotecf75f8798f="Killer722"][quotecf75f8798f="Stroid"]Any comments?[/quotecf75f8798f]
Yeah, Best Buy FTL.[/quotecf75f8798f] what does that mean? Faster then life?....i want useful comments


14-11-2006 13:24:16

for the lose. Just raise hell and talk to managers. Sure you will look like a asshole but you usually get what you want so...