Xbox live wireless woes

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13-11-2006 14:43:06

OK, so who can help me find the best xbox live wireless adapter/wireless bridge.

Is there a noticeable difference between the wireless adapter and the wireless bridge in speed or lag?

Would there be a noticeable difference between what i've posted below and a hard wired ethernet connection directly to my wireless router.


Is there a better deal than this out there?

Basically my options are buy something like this, or pay the cable company $50 to put another drop in so we don't have to run unsightly cable all through the house.

So if it isn't less than $50, I won't even consider it.


13-11-2006 16:36:39

This is the adapter that I have, and I can't notice a difference between it and wired.. It plays just fine. If getting wired is only $50, I would pay the extra $20 to have wired. Thats just my opinion.. I'm not sure about the speeds of the 2 if you will notice.



14-11-2006 11:54:48

Can't you use any wireless ethernet or usb device? Like, in theory, I could use my old Xboxs wireless setup on my 360. Right? (doesn't matter though, I have the 360 wireless adaptor, I like it because it doesn't need an external power supply and clips right on)