USB Problem - Not Detected?

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12-11-2006 19:50:54

My computer is having problems with USB's memory drives. When I plugged in my jump drive, it detected it (showed on bottom right hand of screen), but when I went to "My Computer" it didn't show an option for the removable disk. ? Anyone know?


12-11-2006 19:54:56

Try restarting your computer and if that doesnt work try waiting a little longer before opening up my computer


12-11-2006 19:57:26

[quote87fb87ada0="Buster389"]Try restarting your computer and if that doesnt work try waiting a little longer before opening up my computer[/quote87fb87ada0]

This problem has been happening for a while now, so I don't think restarting my computer is the problem. And waiting isn't the problem, I leave it in there for ten to twenty minutes and "my computer" still doesn't see it.


12-11-2006 20:45:49

Assuming you know the USB drive works on other computers, do you have any network drives mapped? XP has a bug where it will often attempt to assign a USB drive the same letter as a network drive letter. But the network drive overrides the USB drive so it's essentially invisible to Explorer.

See if you can see the USB drive under Disk Manager (Right-click My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Management). Scroll down through the lower pane of drives (if you don't already see it at the top). If you do see it, right-click and choose "Change Drive Letters and Paths..." to set it to a new unused drive letter. It should remember this drive letter the next time you insert the drive.

This always happens when I plug in a new USB key/drive at work. Our network maps us to an F drive on the SAN, and USB keys on my laptop always get assigned to F the first time as well. So they never show up until I go through this procedure the first time, then they remember their drive letter from then on.

If that doesn't work I'd say your USB drivers have taken a hit. You might try deleting your USB controllers in Device Manager, then rebooting and let XP redetect them.


13-11-2006 16:24:08

This problem happens to iPods. (


15-11-2006 18:39:10

It isn't helping ( Here are some screenshots

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15-11-2006 18:53:31

Assuming it's a 128MB USB key, Windows is identifying the device properly and assigning it drive letter F. Something is just preventing Explorer from recognizing it. I've seen Explorer be slow to recognize attached drives before, but usually a couple of refreshes (F5) or a reboot will clear it up.

Did you try enabling the Address Bar in My Computer and just typing F\ in it?

Also, try changing the drive letter in Disk Management (right click on Disk 1) to see if anything happens.