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12-11-2006 13:31:35

My PC loads up and its xp pro. when it gets to the screen where it says windows xp professional before it boots up desktop the monitor shuts off. it works up until that point. i have speakers on and see if the cpu shuts off. but its just the monitor. i have an agp card thats in it. but it works in other cpus,. is there any bios settings i need to change?


13-11-2006 15:58:47

You might try reinstalling your video card driver. If I remember correctly, you can reboot in VGA mode and do just that.


14-11-2006 13:49:26

my xp Boot archives are probly corrupt. how do i do this?


14-11-2006 18:07:07

Why would they be corrupt? You're just having trouble with displaying images. Since you can get as far as the Windows "splash" (the loading screen) and hear audio, I wouldn't think there'd be anything wrong with your booting options.

1. Restart your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. On a computer that is configured for booting to multiple operating systems, you can press the F8 key when the Boot Menu appears.
2. Select "ENABLE VGA MODE" and press enter.


14-11-2006 18:18:50

ive done that it does same thing. its hard to explain heres a vid i took of my pc booting up


14-11-2006 18:41:00

[quote5607a79c58]its hard to explain[/quote5607a79c58]
No, I know exactly what you're explaining. My sister in law's monitor screwed up and she had to hook up an old peice of junk monitor from several years ago... it couldn't handle the display settings and did the EXACT thing your monitor is doing. It would get as far as the Windows splash then it would blank. See, everything your monitor displays up until the desktop, is displayed in low settings. I'm sure you've noticed how shitty everything looks before you get to the desktop... that's why. Well, when she rebooted in safe mode (safe mode uses the lowest display settings), it worked fine, but everything looked terrible. The desktop icons were huge and pixilated...etc. While in safe mode, I told her to change the display setting herself so she wouldn't have to boot in safe mode every time.

Try "safe mode" rather than "VGA" though I don't know if this will have a different affect. If it works, THEN uninstall/reinstall the display driver.

Have you recently changed video cards? If so, you may reinstall the driver for that card (while in safe mode).

In short, I bet your drivers are corrupt... just reinstall.

If you still can't manage to get passed the splash, reboot into the boot menu again and this time try "last known good configuration." It might work...


14-11-2006 18:54:44

ive tried safe mode, it justb comes up with a bunch of code. THe people who commented on youtube said to formAT C DRIVE


14-11-2006 18:59:35

Well, sorry. I don't think I know what the problem is then. If all else fails, reinstall Windows.http//[" alt=""/img0d4dc0bc88]


14-11-2006 19:40:08

i dont have the disks, i bought the pc from gametz user. do yoiu know how to format the drive?


14-11-2006 22:01:05

You shouldn't format the hard drive if you don't have the Windows Disks.

Some Troubleshooting Questions

Do you have another monitor you can use?
How long did you wait for Safe Mode to Start? It normally displays a bunch of code then boots into safe mode a bit later. What did the code say?
Specs on your PC can also help.


15-11-2006 13:14:19

ive tried 3 monitors .