This a nice laptop? ^_^

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11-11-2006 21:07:22

http/" alt=""/"296/6121/laptopoj3.jpg[" alt=""/img31ce926ab9]

It's just stupid that I HAVE to purchase Windows AND a security suite. (


11-11-2006 21:25:07

The video card isn't great, but everything else is perfect.


11-11-2006 21:28:51

That was the best video card it let me choose. ?


11-11-2006 22:42:33

$20% off. ( keep in mind there is already 15% off in your card and it may replace that with the 20%, but it still saves your 5% more for $2.99 )


overall it looks like a great laptop.

unknown uchiha

11-11-2006 23:47:02

The hard drive capacity is meh.

Only because I need a LOT of space for movie editing when it comes to computers.


12-11-2006 04:05:09

Yeah, 100-120GB HD is best if you plan to use this as your main PC. (Are you?)


12-11-2006 06:51:08

I don't know yet. The most space it offered me was 160GB, but the 100GB was 7200 RPM. P