strange behavior of roxio installer

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09-11-2006 13:48:42

so this is strange. i am sure it is due to a corrupt file but i want to see what u all think. i need to find the install files if this is the case
If I do certain things, windows installer will lauch the installer for roxio media creator 7.
- rename a folder
- paste items
- open some files

it is HIGHLY annoying b/c it tries like 4 times.
any ideas? is it a corrupt file?


09-11-2006 16:22:32

Hmm. I've had that happen to me with other software in the past. Did you try letting the installer thing finish? Also, try uninstalling Roxio Media Creator 7 and then reinstalling it.

Also...Nero 7 FTW. ^_^


11-11-2006 07:44:36

thanks. yeah problem with letting it install is that i didnt have the disc anymore. i just installed 9.0 instead. i have nero as well )