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08-11-2006 22:25:44

hey guys...i'm just wondering how i can get a 700mb+ .AVIurl==http://=http:///url file to be played like a DVD on a dvd player, to be played on my TV..

i'm really crappy at this technical stuff so do you guys mind sheding me some light..

i have nero 7 ultra edition..with allt he burning equipment i believe..


yea..thanks lol, i've been asking for alot these days... oops


08-11-2006 23:28:29

Assuming this 700 MB file is DivX/XviD.. Your DVD player needs to be compatible with DivX.

If you're asking how to convert a DivX/XviD file to DVD, there are plenty of guides out there that show you how to do it.



08-11-2006 23:41:36

im' pretty sure its not a divx there any way to check?


09-11-2006 06:57:02

Use any of the popular transcoders like TMPenc or Nero Vision Express (I use the latter) to transcode from AVI (assuming you have the proper codecs installed) to MPEG2/DVD.

If you downloaded that AVI, most likely it is a DivX/XviD/MPEG4. To know for sure, you can use a free tool like GSpot[=http//]GSpot to examine the file and report all video/audio codecs used and whether they are installed.


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09-11-2006 07:54:35

TO further on this. I have several AVIs, can I burn all of them onto a CD and be able to view them all? Or no?


09-11-2006 08:13:47

[quote8d7ad3e91e="TryinToGetPaid"]TO further on this. I have several AVIs, can I burn all of them onto a CD and be able to view them all? Or no?[/quote8d7ad3e91e]
You mean to a DVD? Or an SVCD? Yes, although I don't recommend VCD's to anyone.

Nero Vision Express, for example, lets you queue up as many disparate videos as you want, then converts and joins them all together into one DVD movie. It will automatically create chapters for the different videos, or you can create chapters and menus however you like.


09-11-2006 20:38:18

File Length Correct
DivX Style "packed bitstream" AVI
AVI v1.0
Interleave 1 vid frame (33 ms), preload=522
Audio frames Split across interleaves
Video 3.90 MB (1.99%)
Audio 577 KB (0.29%)
AVI Overhead ~ 191 MB (97.72%)

that is what it is.

do i still have to convert it to MPEG2/DVD or whatever? THEN burn it to the DVD? am i getting this right?


10-11-2006 06:22:27

Yes, you have to convert to MPEG2 and to a DVD file structure, unless your DVD player will play DivX/XviD. The conversion will create a DVD filesystem (VIDEO_TS folder, title and chapter VOB's, etc.) which you then burn to a DVD. Some conversion tools will do the burning for you.