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07-11-2006 21:28:52

Since a couple of hours ago, my internet stops working at times. The DSL modem seems to work fine but the browsers dont. Sometimes FF doesnt work for crap and IE does. Is this something wrong with my internet or is there something I can do? Sorry for little information. My internet is Yahoo SBC Global.


07-11-2006 21:29:45

Scan for spyware/viruses?


07-11-2006 21:30:44

[quote8ab6684588="TryinToGetPaid"]Scan for spyware/viruses?[/quote8ab6684588]
I ran spyspweeper and no changes.


07-11-2006 21:30:59

Unplug your modem, shut down your computer, wait ~2 minutes, start up computer, plug in modem. Try that.


07-11-2006 21:33:29

That was going to be the next thing I was going to say. Sometimes your modem and router just need a good ole restart.


07-11-2006 23:17:41

I was going to say it as well. I don't know why, but I have to do this every couple of days. Most of the time I don't have to restart my computer though, just turn my modem and Apple Base Station off for a few minutes and voila! Sometimes I can go to (type it into your address bar), disconnect and reconnect and it'll work...


07-11-2006 23:18:51

I did it and it seems to be working fine. Thanks +K to JJJ