Tutorial: Make your own tutorial

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07-11-2006 01:08:03

Tutorial for writing a good tutorial.

Step #1 Write on something interesting or at least something with some sort of interest to someone other than yourself.

Step #2 Make sure that your advice is written in an easy to understand language. Too much terminology that is above someone just trying to learn may dissuade them from reading your tutorial at all.

Step #3 Do your best to make the tutorial step by step. Giving rounded directions can leave gaps and holes that you automatically fill in or overlook with out thinking about it. Numbering or lettering each step is a plus.

Step #4 If applicable, provide screen shots that may assist in further understanding. Make sure the screen shots are large enough, or in great enough detail, to illustrate your point.

Step #5 Donít be afraid to receive constructive criticism about your tutorial. It is very possible that there are people who know more than you on a topic; donít be afraid to integrate their knowledge into your own.

Step #6 Know when youíve hit the end of your tutorial. If you stray too much into a different or a sub sequential topic, it may warrant its own tutorial.

Hopefully this tutorial will assist you in forming and creating your own useful tutorials in the future.

unknown uchiha

07-11-2006 01:28:21

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