Overclocking Problem

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06-11-2006 07:30:33

I have a X2 3800+ running on a A8N-SLI Prem.

When I first got them I was able to overclock the CPU to 2.4GHz from it's native 2.0GHz speed.

It was running stable, but things would take forever to load programs and someone told me it was that since I had two different pieces of RAM it could be holding my rig back.

So I pulled one of the 512's out and the speed immediately fell to 1.8GHz on it's next boot up. I could no longer get it back to 2.4GHz or anything above 2.2GHz even after putting the RAM back in.

Now then, about 2 weeks ago I got a gig[=http//www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16820220045]gig of RAM and I thought this might help me to getting back to the 2.4GHz or higher. Still if I try to clock anywhere over 2.2GHz it jumps right back down to 1.8GHz.

I've not really tried messing with voltage and such, but I'd really like to know if anyone knows about this.

Also back when I built it I knew much less than I do now.


06-11-2006 11:38:14

Sounds like you don't know what you are doing and should read up a lot more before you start overclocking. You didn't even mention memory dividers which is probably your problem.


06-11-2006 12:53:46

Well I'm not too in tune with overclocking. Although I know it was running at 2.4GHz one so I'm sure I can get it back up there.

Why don't you inform me? P


06-11-2006 18:13:02

A "how to overclock" thread might not be a bad idea for this forum. (With a disclaimer, of course)


06-11-2006 18:43:06

[quote13c91db382="Tholek"]A "how to overclock" thread might not be a bad idea for this forum. (With a disclaimer, of course)[/quote13c91db382]

I was actually thinking of asking for people who might want to write a tutorial for this forum. I'm sure there are people who would appreciate tutorials right there for them without having to ask people.


06-11-2006 18:45:54

Overclocking is kinda complicated and depends on the setup a lot too. I only know how to overclock AMDs right now but im sure intels are similiar. Basically what you need to do easily is set the memory divider so the ram does not overclock while raising the FSB or if you can the multiplier.

Basically if your mem divider is 11 (Memory FSB)
200HTT x (10x multiplier) = 2ghz
which is probably your default
200HTT x (11x multiplier) = 2200mhz
you may not be able to increase your multiplier.
in which case
drop your mem divider to whatever sets your memory at what it is suppose to run at. (Remember 200HTT is DDR400 and 233 is DDR466 etc...) and increase your HTT to get what you want. So 240HTTx (10x multiplier) = 2400mhz

Also when prime95ing your CPU to make sure you are stable with a dual core you have to run two instances and use a command to set prime to a individual core.


06-11-2006 19:41:59

Ok, I am following what your saying here.

I'll try setting that memory devider to 220+ and see how high it's still stable to.

Also I recall my cousin using Prime95 and doing that on both cores. I'll try it out and let you guys know what I get.

[bdd1b74daef]EDIT [/bdd1b74daef]Ok I went into the BIOS, and all I found that even said HT was the HT Voltage which was at 1.20 I believe.

Then when I go into DRAM config I find nothing on divider, I'm guessing it's called something else in the BIOS, I'll keep checking it out. )


06-11-2006 20:32:26

HTT usually shows up as FSB on mobos. The memory divider should be a ratio like 9/10 or some 2/3 or something.


06-11-2006 21:06:28

this is what i read a couple years ago when i started with computer o/c'n and stuff.



06-11-2006 21:54:43

I'll check out both things. Hehe.