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06-11-2006 04:48:16

I'm trying to find a good free host for a website. I know google will come up with a million of them, but that doesn't tell me which ones are good. So, I'm hoping someone on here has experience with some of them. For now, I'm just using XHTML and CSS, so I don't necessarily need support for other things, though extra features are always welcome, because who knows what language I'll feel like learning next P. Anyway, I'd also like it to be able to set up email==emails@mydomain.comemails@mydomain.com=emails@mydomain.comemails@mydomain.com/email I've already got a domain, so I don't need one that lets you register a domain with them. The only other feature that's really important is that I don't want it to have ads/popups.

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for me? The most important thing is that it's free because I don't have money to spend on hosting atm. Because of that, I realise I can't be too picky.